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First look at KH3D English Version.

The following Dream Eaters have received English names in this video:

Neko Cat -> Necho Cat

Hari Lion -> Pricklemane

Koumori Bat -> Komory Bat

Even if it’s a small glimpse of English it’s still beautiful.

Precious. Just precious XD.






I am a(n) Keyblade Wielder, my bestfriend is Namine, I will mary Sora—we will live in Hollow Bastion and have two children—and then Roxas tried to cockblock.

I am a: resident.
My best friend: Aqua.
I will marry: Terra.
We will live in: the Pride Lands.
Number of children: Two.
Tried to cockblock: Roxas.

I am: A Queen

Bestie: Riku

Marry: Roxas (Well, I am Axel so…)

We will live in: HALLOWEEN TOWN

Kids: 2


i am a(n): Resident
best friend: Riku
i will marry: Riku
we will live in: Pride Lands
# of children: Simbaaa
cockblock: Xigbar


I am a(n): NPC
My best friend is: Ventus
I will marry: Namine 
We will live in: Pride Lands
Number of children: Triplets
Tried to cockblock: Axel (WAT, WHY DO YOU EVEN CARE?)

I am a: supporting character

My bestfriend: Axel

I will marry: Ventus

We will live in: Traverse Town

Number of children: One

Tried to cockblock: Terra

….how’s that going to work out, I wonder?

Follow the Dream: Kingdom Hearts Trivia: #32


Nomura was asked by the project and menu leaders of KHII to hand-write the text in Jiminy’s photo album within the journal. These notes were “written by Sora,” so you can say that Sora and Nomura share the same handwriting. However, this is exclusive only to the Japanese…


yup, then when you need them you’re like…”ooooh….crap….. I need to level up this character stat!  where can I level them so they don’t get creamed?…”

The only one bone that I have to pick with SE in regards to Final Fantasy XII -.- . But other than that, its gameplay style is quite a strong difference than the other titles that I find it most enjoyable and fun to play with. 

"My honor.. My dreams.."


Good Guy Zack, Part 1


They say…blood is thicker than water. Family comes first. How complete strangers can intertwine themselves with one another is somewhat astonishing. Comrades at the start, nothing more. Soon, such a bond blossoms into friendship. And sometimes…love.

Though there are those in our lives that deserve a title higher than a mere friend. For a person who cares, and who listens, and who loves; one who is not dictated by society—ordered by biology to adore you…they are not a friend. They are family.

Said individuals are not all too common, are they? These people may only touch our lives once. They may enter for a fleeting second, disappearing and fading into nothingness soon after. But nevertheless they leave a mark upon our hearts, souls, body, and mind. One that cannot ever be erased.

There is a string that binds us together, our destiny and all else tangled with it. It bends and stretches; knots itself a thousand times over. Though it can never break.

We are not a tight group of loving companions.

And we may not be related by blood.

But we are a family of friends.




Final Fantasy VII drag n' drop game
Tried to add most memorable characters-- I forgot some.
Anyways, has a lot of characters in there. Enjoy!

You are from: Midgar

Childhood friend: Random SOLDIER

First Kiss: Barret

Lover: Lazard

Enemy: Random Turk

You’re future: You become a SOLDIER (first class too!)

You are from: Kalm

Childhood Friend: Angeal

First Kiss: Lazard

Lover: Elena

Enemy: Barret

Your Future: Future? You have no future!

Well then….

From: Edge
Childhood Friend: Hollander (WHY)
First Kiss: Random SOLDIER (iamokaywiththis.jpg)
Lover: Aerith (YUS)
Enemy: Tseng (FUCK, WHAT’D I DO TO PISS OFF THE TURKS? … *stares at lover* oh yeah)
Future: I own a flower cart and sell flowers (WELL CONSIDERING MY LOVER….)

From: Nibelheim

Childhood friend: Rufus

First kiss: Rufus

Lover: Rufus

Enemy: Tseng

Your future: I will sacrifice myself to save a friend



(asdfrjkl; the fates want to push me towards Rufus? I barely had any semblance of liking for the man this far >:O)



I hid in the corner and shot magic at Maleficent and healed Goofy and Donald and let them do all the work

Kingdom Hearts <3