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An abovecloud disorder that primarily affects the brain especially during the deepest dark hours of the night, and is extremely difficult to diagnose, let alone treat symptomatically. Approach with caution, and manage with care.
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suggested by breadmasterlee 


They say…blood is thicker than water. Family comes first. How complete strangers can intertwine themselves with one another is somewhat astonishing. Comrades at the start, nothing more. Soon, such a bond blossoms into friendship. And sometimes…love.

Though there are those in our lives that deserve a title higher than a mere friend. For a person who cares, and who listens, and who loves; one who is not dictated by society—ordered by biology to adore you…they are not a friend. They are family.

Said individuals are not all too common, are they? These people may only touch our lives once. They may enter for a fleeting second, disappearing and fading into nothingness soon after. But nevertheless they leave a mark upon our hearts, souls, body, and mind. One that cannot ever be erased.

There is a string that binds us together, our destiny and all else tangled with it. It bends and stretches; knots itself a thousand times over. Though it can never break.

We are not a tight group of loving companions.

And we may not be related by blood.

But we are a family of friends.


Karen Armstrong, The Spiral Staircase